Sunday, February 18, 2018

Weekly Favorites 02/11 to 02/17

Weekly Favorites

My favorite food and restaurant articles I came across this week! I've been finding myself drawn to unconventional places to read about food this week, most notably, Outside Magazine.

The Simple Meal That's Powering Team USA  - via Outside Magazine

An Olympic Breakfast
An Olympic Breakfast
Photo Credit: Outside Magazine

With the Olympics in full swing, this article stood out and seemed appropriate to include. I don't want to give too much away, but I'll say three words: Oats, eggs, and coffee.

HEB Buys a Delivery Service - via

Photo Credit: HEB
Food delivery services are in full swing, and for good reason. Why take time to go the store if you don't have too. So much productivity comes out of these services. Texas based HEB has now acquired it's very own on-demand food
service, a startup called F

Four Go-to Camper Meals
Four Go-to Camper Meals
Photo Credit: Outside Magazine

Four Go-to Camper Meals - via Outside Magazine

I used to do a lot of camping and backpacking. The challenge was to find good food to make that was edible and nutritious as well as being portable enough to take camping. These four meals will definitely come in handy next time I make a trip!

Why Do Barbecue Pitmasters Always Wear Black Gloves
Why Do Barbecue Pitmasters Always Wear Black Gloves
Photo Credit: Austin American-Statesman
Why Do Barbecue Pitmasters Wear Black Gloves - via Austin American-Statesman

I can honestly say that I have always wondered why barbecue pitmasters wear those black gloves. Now I know!

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