Sunday, April 14, 2019

Weekly Favorites 04/07/19 to 04/13/19

Every Saturday, I go through Twitter with #foodblogger and find my favorite food related articles. These are this week's favorites!

As much as I like complex recipes, there's something about a simple recipe with only three ingredients that just draws me in. Plus, I never met a graham cracker crust I didn't like.
Shrimp and teriyaki are two of my favorite ingredients, and this recipe combines them into one dish with pasta, one of my other favorite ingredients!

This mustard mopped piece of beef looks amazing! I may have to develop a recipe of my own to make this at home!

Butter cookies are one of my favorite cookies. I can sit and devour a tin of those Danish butter cookies. Add some chocolate on top, and I just can't pass it up!

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