Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Weekly Favorites 07/08/18 to 07/14/18

Time for another batch of favorite food and restaurant articles! This week, I'm exploring articles from Red Thai Curry Prawns, to Fried Squash Blossoms!

Chocolate Coffee Nice Cream - via Daffodils and Lemons

It's interesting to me that even though I am in no way trying to cut out any specific foods in my diet, I keep finding myself drawn to recipes using alternative ingredients. At any rate this "nice cream" looks pretty good to me!

Classic Red Thai Curry with Prawns - via Annalena's Heart(h)beat

Typically, I don't make curry, but when I get the chance to eat it, I always do! I like my curry pretty spicy too! I find that the spice goes really well with the coconut milk typically found in curry recipes!

Morning Maple Cranberry Oat Pecan Bars - via Fork and Spoon Recipes 

Some mornings, you just have to have a quick breakfast. And let's face it, sometimes that quick and breakfast needs to be something portable. These bars are definitely fit the bill for quick and portable breakfast, and the pack a huge punch of nutrition!

Fried Squash Blossoms Stuffed with Crab and Mascarpone - via Brina's Bites 

Alright, full disclosure here, these fried squash blossoms instantly reminded of Gilmore Girls. There's no shame there. I'll spare you the details of the scene. After the Gilmore Girls moment had passed, I explored the recipe. First, I love crab. Second, the crab and mascarpone combination is so good! I definitely want to try my hand at making these!

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