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Weekly Favorites 02/25 to 03/03

It's been another exciting week for finding food and restaurant articles! Don't worry though, I've got a few new posts in the works too!

The Best Queso in Houston - via Houston Press

The Best Queso in Houston
The Best Queso in Houston
Photo Credit Erika Kwee/Houston Press
I honestly believe that best way to measure to caliber of a Mexican restaurant is by the quality of their queso! Luckily I live in Houston, where we have no shortage of  good Mexican restaurants to choose from! The Houston Press did the hard work for us here and diligently sampled 20 of the great city's quesos to bring us this Top 20 List. Spoiler, Torchy's Tacos came in at number one.

Shrimp on the Rocks - via Garden & Gun

Shrimp on the Rocks
Shrimp on the Rocks
Photo Credit Johnny Autry/Garden & Gun

One of my favorite fish preparations is a whole redfish with the scales removed, crusted in Kosher salt, with some olive oil and fresh lemon. The fish comes out of the oven and just falls apart! When i came across this Shrimp on the Rocks recipe, it struck me as similar to the fish recipe. This will be a must try for me!

Magnolia Table Opens in Waco - via
Magnolia Table Opens in Waco
Magnolia Table Opens in Waco
Photo Credit
Not long ago, Waco was just another small Texas town. Baylor University helped put it on the map, but it wasn't a destination. But then a few years back, Chip and Joanna Gaines helped put Waco on the map with everyone's favorite show. Then they made Waco a destination when they opened up shop at Magnolia Market. Now, it looks they may have done it again with the opening of Magnolia Table.

Bacon Popcorn Drizzled with Creole-Spiced Butter - via Garden & Gun
Bacon Popcorn Drizzled with Creole-Spiced Butter
Bacon Popcorn Drizzled with Creole-Spiced Butter
Photo Credit Eugenia Uhl/Garden & Garden
This has so many things going for it! The flavor pop of the creole-spice butter, the bacon. For those out there who maybe haven't noticed yet, Garden & Gun is quickly becoming one of my favorite stops for culinary inspiration. This popcorn is definitely getting filed away for our next movie night at home!


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Linguine and Red Clam Sauce

One of my favorite classic Italian dishes is Linguine and Clams, especially with red sauce. I'll settle with the white or cream sauce, but I definitely prefer the tomato based sauce.

The Recipe:

3 Tablespoons Butter1 Tablespoon Olive Oil1 Shallot -  Diced3 Garlic Cloves - Minced1 Can Whole Clams1 Can Diced Tomatoes1/4 Cup Clam Juice1/4 Dry ChardonnayJuice of 1 Large Lemon1 Package Linguine1/4 Cup Chopped Parsley to GarnishSalt and PepperCrushed Red PepperParmesan Cheese (optional) Sauté the garlic, shallot, crushed red pepper, salt, and pepper in the butter and olive oil. Add in the clams and tomatoes. Stir until heated. Add in the the lemon juice, chardonnay, and clam juice. Cook until the liquid reduces by half. Stir into linguine and garnish with chopped parsley. You can top the pasta with some freshly grated Parmesan cheese as well. Sometimes I like to get fancy and  add some shrimp, scallops, or fresh clams. If you go this route, add them at the very end. They will cook very q…

Best Houston Coffee Shops

Anyone who knows me really well, knows that I drink a lot of coffee. So it seems fitting to compile a list of my favorite coffee shops around Houston. This list was surprisingly hard to make. There are so many great places to get a cup of coffee in this city, that limiting it to 10 meant leaving out some of those great places. Why 10? Well, a Top 10 list seems pretty standard, and I've already started a trend with the Houston Essential Restaurants 2016 post!

To be a great coffee shop is pretty simple. Good music, WiFi, comfy chairs are a plus, but overall good coffee! Oh and one more thing, it has to be a Houston original.

Paper Co Coffee
1100 Elder Street

Look for the blue door. Paper Co Coffee is located just across Buffalo Bayou from downtown. There is an art gallery off to the side that is always great to walk through.

Mod Coffee (Galveston, TX)
2126 Post Office St, Galveston, TX, 77550

I've always enjoyed heading to The Strand down in Galveston, but lately I've enjoyed…

Pad Thai

I've always loved Pad Thai. My love adventure with this classic Thai dish began when I was younger and wasn't sure what else to order when we would go out for Thai food! I've slowly gotten a bit more courageous, but I keep falling back to my first love of Pad Thai!
The other night, we were on the phone and my wife's aunt mentioned how she always remembers how good it was when I made Pad Thai for the family a few years back. I dusted off my recipe, and my wok, and set out to make it for dinner!
The Recipe: 2 Limes - Juiced4 Eggs1/4 Cup Fish Sauce2 Tablespoons Rice Vinegar1/4 Teaspoon Cayenne3 Garlic Cloves - Minced3 Green Onions - Diced2 Tablespoons Peanut Oil1 Cup Chopped Chicken1/4 Cup Chopped Fresh Cilantro1/2 Cup Whole Peanuts1 Package Rice Noodles
The key to making great food in a wok, is to get the wok good and hot. That said, the food is going to cook really fast, leaving very little time to prep in between steps. It is best to get everything chopped, prepped, …