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Weekly Favorites 03/11/18 to 03/17/18

Another week gone by, and another list of my favorite food and restaurant articles!

Performance Plate- via Outside Magazine
I don't get out as much as I used to, but I still consider myself a pretty active, outdoorsy guy. If you're like me, a good snack bar or granola bar goes a long way when hunger strikes. Here, Outside Magazine's editors bring you the top list of snack bars! 

Shrimp and Carolina Gold Rice "Grits"- via Garden & Gun
We don't make shrimp and grits often, but when we do, watch out, there's a shrimp or grit that stands a chance! So when I saw this Chinese influence shrimp and rice dish, I had to click on it! And you better believe I'll be making this sometime soon!

Southern Soul's Brunswick Stew Recipe- via Garden & Gun
I don't know exactly what it was that drew me in to this recipe, maybe it was the smoked meat, or the spice, or the  fact that serves 15 to 18 people, but I do know, that I am going to have to try it! 

11 Tru…
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Kind Coffee

The fall of 2004 found me driving across Texas and in to the mountains north of Denver to take a gap year from school. The allure of the hiking and camping in the mountains was strong and I had to go.
While I was there, I would be attending be attending a Bible School called Ravencrest Chalet, nestled high in the valley just outside Estes Park, CO.

One of the first orders of business when I arrived was to find a suitable coffee shop. Sure there was a Starbucks in town, but there's a Starbucks in every town. I took a tip from one of the instructors at school and headed to Kind Coffee. I was not disappointed.

Kind Coffee was perfect. They had WiFi, comfy chairs, a creek out back, and of course, coffee. My go to back then was a shot of espresso in a cup of coffee, aptly named A Shot in the Dark, it would fuel my long reading sessions out back with the creek in the background. Spots by that creek became my favorite for reading on a nice day.

The staff at Kind Coffee was always welco…

Weekly Favorites 03/04/2018 to 03/10/2018

This week's batch of my favorite food and restaurant articles from around the web!

5 keys to Homemade Pizza- via Outside Magazine

We make our fair share of pizza around here and I have to say these are our some very good tips to making better pizza at home. I especially agree with using the ingredients sparingly. One of our favorites to make lately doesn't use cheese, but has spinach pesto and roasted chicken instead!

The Myth of Authenticity is Killing Tex Mex- via

I think when most people think about Texas cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is Texas barbecue. While that is an important part of Texas food culture, an often overlooked cuisine is Tex Mex. I've found that a lot outsiders maybe don't get it at first. "Why would I want to eat something smothered in melted cheese?" Well, first of all,
that melted cheese is called queso and it is awesome! Once you get passed the basics of the queso and the chips and salsa, there are many diverse f…

Farewell, Dorothy

Back in college when I was a creative writing student, I took a creative non-fiction workshop. I can't remember the prompt or the assignment, but  wrote one of my favorite pieces in that class. I've picked it up a few times over the years to reread and reedit. It's about saying goodbye to grandmother. It was me saying goodbye twenty years later and I wrote it I realized I was too young to understand when she passed. I am fortunate to have known her for a short time. And I am fortunate to have the biscuit cutter.

We all came from different places, but one common thread tied us together. The Olivers came from Houston, the Joneses and the Goodes came all the way from New Orleans, and we came from the suburbs of Northeast Houston for the annual Thanksgiving gathering. The only person missing was Aunt Margaret from Shreveport, who was unable to make the trip, as she wanted to stay with her family for the holiday. It was all timed so that everyone would arrive in the late aftern…

Beef Stew, Slow Cooker Style

Over the weekend we had a free day. We decided to take the kids to the beach before Spring Break hit and things get extra crazy! We had everything we needed to make a Beef Stew, so my wife got out the Crock Pot and got everything ready and had dinner ready for us when we got back!

I wanted to call this Beef Bourguignon, Slow Cooker Style, but I think Julia Child would have rolled over!

The Recipe: 

1 Pound of Stew Meat, Cut in to 1 inch Cubes1 Onion, Diced3 Garlic Cloves, Minced1 Small Bag of Baby Red Potatoes, Cut in Half1 Box of Mushrooms, Sliced1/2 Cup of Red Wine (Optional)1 Box of Beef BrothSalt and PepperOreganoBay Leaf
Once everything is prepped, put it all in the Crock Pot and let it do all the work! Let it cook 6 to 8 hours on low while you enjoy the day!
Happy eating!!

Weekly Favorites 02/25 to 03/03

It's been another exciting week for finding food and restaurant articles! Don't worry though, I've got a few new posts in the works too!

The Best Queso in Houston- via Houston Press

I honestly believe that best way to measure to caliber of a Mexican restaurant is by the quality of their queso! Luckily I live in Houston, where we have no shortage of  good Mexican restaurants to choose from! The Houston Press did the hard work for us here and diligently sampled 20 of the great city's quesos to bring us this Top 20 List. Spoiler, Torchy's Tacos came in at number one.

Shrimp on the Rocks- via Garden & Gun

One of my favorite fish preparations is a whole redfish with the scales removed, crusted in Kosher salt, with some olive oil and fresh lemon. The fish comes out of the oven and just falls apart! When i came across this Shrimp on the Rocks recipe, it struck me as similar to the fish recipe. This will be a must try for me!

Magnolia Table Opens in Waco- via

Weekly Favorites 02/18 to 02/24

It's been a slow week around here in regards to food discoveries. That's happens with a 9 to 5 though! I still found some time to bring you my favorite food and restaurant articles!

Two Austin Restaurants Land on Texas Monthly's Best New List of 2018 - via 

I've always loved Austin, especially back when it was just a college town without the crowds. So I was excited to see these two new restaurants land on Texas Monthly's Best New List of 2018!

27 Bacon Recipes That Prove It's the Best Food on Earth- via Brit + Co

It's a little known fact that I used to be a vegetarian. It was a phase and I've happily moved past it. I mean, how could I go on living without bacon?

What's So Great About Topo Chico?- via Garden & Gun

Well I have to admit, I am one of the masses that loves Topo Chico. Remember that I love Austin, TX.  There's just something about the flavor that stands out over every big box store name brand.